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Legend Has It DVD

Ever wonder what it is like to be trapped in a horror movie? If you were to ask Al Cunningham, he’d tell you it’s not all fame and fortune. Instead it’s blood and death at the hands of a man-eating plant monster. Will they survive? Will they make it to the end of the movie? Will they figure out where the music is coming from? See the movie that breaks the 4th wall like never before.

Legend Has It DVD – $9.99


Freakin Records Freakin Movie DVD

Matthew Clay, Nik Sorak, and She Swings, She Sways enter Evans Middle School on the evening of November 4th 2006 for a concert that would bring over 400 people from this small town out to celebrate the music of these three bands. It being their first concert film, Prescribed Films was there to capture this magical event.

Freakin Records Freakin Movie DVD – $9.99


Through the Night DVD

Sam and Tabitha have invited their friends to a party at their house in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately there are a few uninvited guests who have come to crash the party. When a horde of homicidal escaped mental patients storm the Luller farmhouse, this fun loving reunion turns into a blood-soaked nightmare.

Through the Night DVD – $9.99


Going to TromaDance DVD

“Going to TromaDance” is more than just two idiots in a car. It’s more than filmmakers “Insane Mike” Saunders and Jason Bolinger trying to get a film accepted into the TromaDance Film Festival. It’s more than just Prescribed Films trying to sell their vacation videos. It’s more than just a hilarious film documenting the twenty-hour trip from Ottumwa, Iowa to Park City, Utah. It’s more than two Troma fan boys making a movie about their experiences at the TromaDance Film Festival. Wait a minute… That’s exactly what it is!

Going to TromaDance DVD – $9.99


The Bag Man DVD

Meet Walter (Chris “Turnip” Simmons) a lonely pathetic little wretch whose only two ambitions in life are to be good at something, ANYTHING, and to find the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, success can seem a distant dream when his slovenly roommate Dave (Steven “Flyboy” Tracy) walks all over him and never pays his share of his rent or when Walter’s low self-esteem keeps him from seeing the love right under his nose, Ann (Lindsy Husak).

 However, in a world where Charles Manson (Jeff “Cheesepeck” Alexander) is running for President of the United States and the ghost of Jack the Ripper (Jill “Bacon Eyes” Emmert) still walks the earth, anything is possible. Will simple determination and training from one of history’s greatest serial killers be enough to turn this loser around? Will Walter be able to find it within himself to make all his dreams come true? Will he be able to be the man…the BAG MAN?

The Bag Man DVD – $9.99


Lights, Camera... Kill! DVD

Hawk and Kyle will learn a dangerous lesson that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives, which unfortunately won’t be very much longer. They have been stealing from cars for months. The cops are clueless and the boys see it all as a big joke. The joke is soon over when they discover a video camera containing a tape of the murder of a missing girl. Hawk and Kyle don’t want to go to jail so they hide the camera, but the rightful owner wants his camera back no matter what the cost. Friends and family begin to die one by one. Is the maker of the tape toying with the boys or are they the newest subject for his latest sickest creation? Some lessons must be learned the hard way!

Lights, Camera… Kill! DVD – $9.99


PF 10 Years T-Shirt

We have sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL  Just let us know which size you want. Thanks.

Prescribed Films 10 Years T-Shirt – $9.99


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