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Once more unto the breach…

July 11, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

Well, twice more. Actually that’s two weekends so I guess it’s more like four more times unto the breach. Nevermind. Basically, what I’m trying to get at, is that Prescribed Films took this past weekend off for a much needed break from shooting. I would hope many of us got plenty of rest but I’m sure most of us still stayed up late and generally wondered what to do with ourselves outside of shooting this movie. Well, all that’s over now and it’s time to finish this beast.

This weekend we’re filming a big two camera set up for the climax of the movie and I’m super excited. This experience has had it’s share of up and downs (I’m sure I’ll do a nice long post of the whole experience once we’re done) but, in the end, it’s been amazing. This is easily going to be the biggest film PF has made to date. I’m beyond excited to share it with everyone and show more behind the scenes stuff but I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises.

In other news (yes, there is news outside of Demonica) a new episode of the podcast “Attack of the Killer Podcast is up. This is a horror podcast hosted by our very own “Insane Mike” Saunders, Jason Bolinger, Steven “Flyboy” Tracy, Justin “Not much for nicknames” Beahm, and Joe “Zombie-Joe” Zerull. In it they discuss all this horror movies. Check them out on Facebook,  their website, or over at Horror Palace. This week the guys discuss the best / worst franchises in an episode titled “Attack Of The Killer Podcast 003: Best/Worst Franchise.” They definately don’t bury the lead on this one.

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