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I really am going to miss all of you after this is over.

July 9, 2012

Dan “Swat” Hampel

Hi this is SWAT or just Dan. I want to tell you all that I am so privileged to have met and become friends with all of you. Over the course of several weekends I am pretty sure that I have never met a bunch of folks like yourselves. And for those of you that I had already known, it sure is wonderful working with you all again.

Man we really covered some ground on this thing. Not only that, but we kicked butt doin it! I am so surprised with the Makeup/FX Dept (Fish and Flyboy…wow. I love you guys. Really, I do.), Wardrobe (I love you Jill), G&E (No Doy! Evan and Neal I LOVE YOU. YOU GOT THIS MAN!

And our incomparable cast of actors (whom I get to name-drop from now on). Joseph Roark, you are incredible man. I love your energy. It’s like pepperoni and fire crackers.  Cassie Johnson, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!!! You were BORN for this roll, but you are so sweet in real life! Rachel Russell, you have such talent and you are so beautiful in your delivery. I can’t believe you are my pal. Leah Morrissey, I am so happy to have worked with your character. You pulled it through so freaking good. Elizabeth Ann, you are so with it. What can I say? You simply know what you are doing! Sam Garles, wow…freaking wow. Katie McDowell, NY ain’t gonna school you, you gonna school NY! AND NICK ZMUDA!!!!  THANK GOD FOR YOU! You bring it hardcore every time brother! ALICIA BRICKER!!! You kill us EVERY night sweetums. Man, I just thank God for all of you!

But ya know what? I think we can all agree that there are some folks behind this amazing story that deserve our applause. I want to name them off one by one….but that would take all of the fun away. So I hope you all feel “compelled” (pun SOO intended…Exorcist) to leave a comment below about a person or persons working in the production that you are inspired or influenced by or appreciative of.

I really want to give big-ups to Jason Bolinger. I swear heaven is gonna be full of people like you, Insane Mike, Turnip, Cakes, Bruce and Beahm…and hopefully me…but We’ll see what Demonica says about that. I love all of you and wish peace and happiness for all of you. I love you Linnea Quigley. Thank you for being you.

Dan “SWAT” Hampel. (John)


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