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Demonica: Weekend Two

June 13, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

Weekend number two of principle photography for Demonica has come and gone and it was AWESOME! We got some amazing shots with hugely talented actors who are forming a great ensemble cast. Demonica will go down as the best Prescribed Films production yet. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not with out its challenges. First and foremost (if you saw Monday’s post) staying awake.

Cory “Cakes” Canny

We are lucky enough for the owners of the Spinnin’ Wheels Roller Rink in to be giving us free reign to the location but, understandably, we only have it after the close of business. Meaning we often don’t start shooting until later at night after all of our regular work / school weeks. Combine that with filming all night and it takes a lot out of us. Never the less the shoot is going well. So far about 20-30 pages of the script are in the bag. Unfortunately, that’s the easy stuff with the difficult scenes up coming.

Scenes like this Friday’s (June 15) that is going to require we build a 17th century tavern out of a log cabin. Or the following Friday (June 22) when we are going to need a roller rink full of extras. But you can help. If you would like to be an extra in the film (and who wouldn’t) send us an email at We’ll need as many extras of all ages as we can get. Extras will be responsible for their own costuming which needs to be 1980’s appropriate. You can also go check out our Facebook events page for the shoot to get more info and to join up. The more the merrier.

As well as physically take part in the film we are still raising money to see us through to the end. Please take a look at our new Indiegogo campaign page. So many of you have already been amazingly generous in helping see this movie through but we still need more to take it all the way. It is such an amazing project and it’s coming together so well but it can always be better. Your donations, any donations, help get us there.

Dan “Swat” Hampel

Also, if you’d like to see what some of our actors are wearing (if you’re going to be an extra), see behind the scenes pictures, or how it’s going check out the side bar to the right for our Flickr account where we’ll post pictures and updates.

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