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The difficulties of rebuilding the 80’s…

May 25, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

I was born in 1981. The 1980’s and their aftermath (commonly known as the 90’s) were a big part of my life and they are generally a time in history I remember fondly, if a little dimly, through the rose colored glasses of my youth. Long after that decade faded I could still find junk cassette players and cordless telephones clogging the aisles of 2nd hand shops and flee markets. So why is it that when I go to try and buy props for a movie set in the 1980’s I can not find a single stupid boom box in all of the greater Des Moines area?

I guess the 80’s are well and truly gone. In a larger sense of time passing I knew that of course. But I don’t know if I was prepared for the day when even the relics of that by gone era are nearly impossible to find among the junk stores all across the land. In years past I would see these items and know that they were obsolete but their mere presence meant that they weren’t TOO far gone. Basically what I am trying to say is that hunting for props on a budget is a pain in the rear end.

Linnea Quigley

Also in the news this week is that Prescribed Films has officially locked Linnea Quigley for the role of Gypsy Woman for Demonica. Linnea has been seen with Prescribed Films previously in “Legend Has It.” We are beyond excited to have her on board!

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as Chris “Turnip” Simmons relays the often rewarding but sometimes harrowing journey of an indie film from page to screen to release.

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  1. May 30, 2012 12:18 pm

    For some time I could not find a VHS player anywhere. I finally found 2 at a garage sale – might be a good place to look for a cassette boombox.

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