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Introducing: Turnip Truck Catering

May 23, 2012

Rachel “Mrs. Turnip” Lunsford

Hi there! I am commandeering the PF blog (probably once a week) to chat with you about the most important part of any project, but especially in creating a film: feeding the masses. As wife to First Assistant Director Chris “Turnips” Simmons, I have a front-row seat to the film-making process though I rarely get involved because it is Nips thing. BUT I love baking and general cookery, so I thought I could volunteer my services as caterer to Demonica cast and crew.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that I can participate in this film in a way I can really contribute!  I enjoy crafting food that people can really enjoy. Baking helps me relax on the weekends after a week full of figuring out if code was developed correctly and things were deployed to the right servers and so on. I’ve also learned that well-fed people are generally happier and easier to work with than hungry, starving people.

I do see some challenges to my valiant volunteerism. First, I have never attempted to scale my cooking and baking to upwards of 35 people. I know I can easily make one meal into several for me and Mr. Turnip, but 35 hungry people over a jam-packed weekend of filming? I have a few strategies in mind – including making lots of low cost snacks pack with protein to keep them full a little longer – but scaling recipes up is a challenge I’m looking forward to.

Second, I already know some of the folks who have different food preferences (and allergies… yikes!) like a vegetarian or two. I am excited about this challenge because it means I get to try out recipes that might not debut in our home otherwise. I will of course be weary and diligent about any food allergies as to not poison and/or kill the cast and crew of Demonica.

And last, I am going to attempt to stick to feeding the cast and crew on roughly $25 a day. I think this will be about 2 meals a day plus snacks. Economies of scale will be my friend, here. Chris already re-upped our Cost-Co membership so I can purchase raw goods in bulk and produce delicious goods in bulk.

I plan on blogging here every week with the meal and my approach to feeding so many hungry, talented folks. If you have suggestions for meals, feel free to send them my way in the comments, via email, or find me personally on Twitter at @PhoenixRachel.

Until next time,

Mrs. Turnip

Mrs. Turnip is Rachel Lunsford. She is a pedigree geek with a deep love affair with chocolate, baking, and, of course, her husband Chris. You can follow her more mundane experiences at Life in the Middle (link:



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