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Demonica Preproduction: Post 10

May 18, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

As is standard we are still raising money for Demonica. You can donate on our indiegogo page or to your right by clicking on the thermometer. We’re working really hard to get this movie and we need your help. Please donate today. Every dollar you donate goes to putting this movie together and making the best movie we can.

I want to start off with apologize for not posting on Wednesday. As busy as working on the film gets, real life still marches on and eventually catches up with you (me.) That is, unless you hadn’t been here since Monday in which case you missed a really awesome post that I was forced to take down due to its sheer awesimatude.

Now, moving on, things are really starting to cook on Demonica. This Sunday we have our first script reading where we are getting most of the cast and crew together. I for one can not wait to hear the dialogue out loud. You can write and rewrite but until you actually hear someone speaking it, you don’t really know whether or not it sound totally absurd.

I’m also look forward to see the actors start to develop characters within the lines we’ve given them. A cold read at an audition is not really an easy place to take the role and make it yours. Don’t get me wrong, we had some great auditions. It’s because of that that I am excited to see what these actors can do when you give them some time and some more direction to work with.

Truly and inspiration to us all.

Now, as I started last week, it’s time to call out a PF’er that really makes all of this come together. Today I would like to follow our recognition of Katie with Cory “Cakes” Canny. As Katie handled to the people in the waiting area, Cory was tasked with hanging out in the audition room and going to get the call backs and let Katie know we were ready for the next person. He hoofed it back and forth the whole day running at our beck and call (not really…well, sort of.) Cory is a long time Prescribed Films alumni who has helped out on several pictures, often he is responsible for being the sound guy.

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