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Demonica Preproduction: The Calling…

May 11, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

Hey everybody we are still raising money for Demonica. You can donate on our indiegogo page or to your right by clicking on the thermometer. We’re working really hard to get this movie and we need your help. Please donate today. Every dollar you donate goes to putting this movie together and making the best movie we can.

“Hi there! Is this [enter name here]?”

“Yes.” They say warily.

“This is Chris ‘Turnip’ Simmons from Prescribed Films. How are you?”

“Good,” they reply, still unsure of who Chris “Turnip” Simmons is and why he is on the  line bothering them.

It’s not until I say the words “audition” and “offering role” and “Demonica” that they really seem to know / remember what I’m talking about. Of course I’m referring to what happens after all of the auditions are done and the casting choices are made. The call backs. This can be a particularly long and tedious process. Deep down you just want to e-mail people to let them know or send them a Facebook message but you know it needs to be a more personal touch. Film making at this level is all about personal connections.

The first couple of times you connect with someone and offer them a role in the film (especially if it is one of the main roles) it is exciting. They’re happy and excited while you feel good to be the bearer of good news for once. However, as you make your way down the list of characters that have fewer and fewer lines the conversations change. “Congratulations. We’re offering you the role of Teenager.” “Oh, okay” they reply.

And that is even if you actually talk to someone. Half of the time it’s messages left on voice mail, waiting for a call back. I’ve gotten to know the one man and one woman who seem to make up the voices for 99.99% of all voice mail message voices. Even worse is the wrong numbers because I’m unable to decipher what is on the audition forms. Eventually I contact everybody or, at the very least, leave a message.

While all of the call backs can be arduous for someone like me who doesn’t like being on the phone, this is the first step in the road to this dream we’ve had for the last few months called Demonica. I may complain and poke fun but every call I made was a step closer to that goal. Each person I talked to another individual who was going to help that dream become a reality. Each number dialed means that we’re really going to make this mother fudger and I couldn’t be more excited to do it.

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as Chris “Turnip” Simmons relays the often rewarding but sometimes harrowing journey of an indie film from page to screen to release.

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  1. Swat permalink
    May 12, 2012 8:33 am

    Hey this is SWAT playing the role of John. Just want to say that I am VERY EXCITED to be on the team and can’t wait for the reading. YOU ROCK TURNIP!

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