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Demonica Preproduction: Post Seven

May 9, 2012

Chris “Turnip” Simmons

Hey everybody we are still raising money for Demonica. You can donate on our indiegogo page or to your right by clicking on the thermometer. We’re working really hard to get this movie and we need your help. Please donate today. Every dollar you donate goes to putting this movie together and making the best movie we can.

Speaking of the movie, can you believe we start filming in about two and a half weeks? I know I can’t! Tonight we had our last regular monthly PF meeting before filming starts. We went over all aspects of the movie and started a dialogue on where the various departments are at (make up, costumes, locations, etc…) The little detail aspects that make this all possible. And from where we stand it hardly looks like we’ll be able to finish everything that needs done.

Then again, it always seems this way. Always…every time we go to make a movie it seems like we’ll never pull it off. I remember “Insane Mike” asking as far back as The Bagman, “How in the hell did we do this last time?” The Bagman also had a character that had to be recast several days into shooting which required completely re-shooting several scene. Regardless, it always seems to get done in the end and we produce a movie we’re all proud of.

Anyway, that’s it for this Wednesday. Given that we’re short on time I have a TON (that’s metric not empiric) to get done over the next few days.

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as Chris “Turnip” Simmons relays the often rewarding but sometimes harrowing journey of an indie film from page to screen to release.

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