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Demonica Pre-production: Post Four

May 2, 2012

Chris "Turnip" Simmons

A few days after I had turned in the third draft (my first draft) of Demonica I was waiting with baited breath to hear what the group would think. As I said, I had completely rewritten the script and I was honestly worried about what “Insane Mike” would think of my changes to his script. Would he hate what I had done? Would he be mad at the changes? I honestly didn’t know. Then, as the days went on with no word, I became even more nervous.

I remember going to see Jason, because I could wait no longer, to ask him what he thought of the script. I had hopped that, if anything was wrong with it, Jason would let me know before I went to see “Insane” about it. Jason looked at me and, in his characteristic style, said, “Well…” That “well” hung in the air until, what seemed like, twenty minutes past forever. Eventually he continued with, “… There’s some big changes.”  I pressed him for more information. “Oh, it’s okay,” he said, “but we’ll have to see what Mike thinks.”

Jason Bolinger

To anyone not familiar with the relationship between “Insane Mike” and Jason this may have seemed like Jason was passing the responsibility of telling me it was terrible onto Mike. Even though I have known them for a decade or more that is almost what it felt like. However, Jason and “Insane Mike” share a very interesting relationship and, when it comes to matters of film making, they have to go back and forth and have a dialogue before either of them can firmly decide anything. I think actor (and all around cool guy) Chris Mulkey said it best when he said, “The thing you have to understand about Mike and Jason is that they share a brain.”

Finally after what seemed like forever  (and if you know how fast Mike reads then you know how close that is) I got to talk to Mike about the script. I was beyond nervous. Had I gone too far in my changes? As it turned out, yes and no. “Insane” actually liked some of the bigger changes I had made to the script. He liked how I changed character introductions and moved plot points around. What he didn’t like were a lot of the small things. Little points that he wanted put back in or referenced. Though, all in all, he enjoyed what I had turned in and would let me turn in another draft, though the notes process was going to be a new experience for both of us.

Next time: Notes…Of the Living Dead!

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