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I can’t believe it’s 10 years later or When did everyone but me get so old?

January 30, 2012

Last night Prescribed Films recorded the commentary track to the upcoming TENTH anniversary addition to, “Lights, Camera…Kill!” You’ll notice I wrote out 10th. That is because it needed to be in all caps because, holy hell, it’s been TEN YEARS. One thing that struck me while watching the movie is how much I hate Liarfish. The other thing that struck me is that ,while primitive to today’s PF standards, you can really see the beginnings of what a true feature length PF narrative would be like. Be it “Insane Mike’s” obsessive need to establish EVERYTHING or the forethought and planning that actually went into it. Prior to, “LCK,” PF films were simply a lot of “point and shoot” and call it good. With this picture “Insane Mike” actually put planning into what he wanted with the thought of the art of film making in the back of his mind (way, way back.) Granted, that art adds up to a lot of establishing shots of doorknobs and slow, sensual, peanut butter sandwich scenes but the guy was trying.

So what does all this mean for you at home? It means that we’ll soon be releasing the 10th anniversary edition for your sweet purchasing pleasure; and with the new commentary track you’ll be able to join in on all of our reminiscing about the not-so-good old days on making this movie. Let me tell you, no budget film making is a lot of things but it is certainly not comfortable.


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