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This s%&t is about to get real!

January 11, 2012

Did you have a good holiday and get everything you wanted for your particular gift giving holiday? If not then Prescribed Films is here to fill in where the jolly fat man fell flat and show our sack to you…wait…

First on the list (in the sack) is the brand spanking new Prescribed Films mailing list! Unfortunately the old mailing list is getting up in years (it’s really having problems jumping up on the couch) and pretty soon Jason is going to have to put it down. I would do it but…well…I just can’t look it in the eye. *sniff* But ole’ Maily’s loss (off life) is your gain! For the great price of FREE you can keep up to date on all of the latest and greatest in PF news and information; and trust me, you’re going to need it this year. So head on over to the PF Facebook page and click the “Join Our Mailing list” link on the side of the page to join up. Just try not to think about ole’ Maily when you do it. He’s in a better place now.

The train keeps on rolling (when did I start in to train metaphors?) with the upcoming DVD release of, “Movie Reviews from the Asylum”, the awesome YouTube series hosted by “Insane Mike” and Jason. In the series they review great, and not so great, movies from Insane’s Asylum at 116 N. Green St. here in Ottumwa Iowa. Sure, the series is on youtube but the DVD, not only, gets you  higher video quality but you also get really cool special features to go with it.

Now, “Movie Reviews from the Asylum,” is already available here but if you want to save a couple of bucks and come party with PF AT THE SAME TIME then you need to make sure your butt is at Insane’s Asylum (116 N. Green St. Ottumwa, Iowa 52501) on Saturday February 25th at 7:00 pm for the DVD release party. We’ll be having fun and selling the DVD at a special release party price. Not only that but we’ll be premiering our short films, “The Misadventures of a Satanic Cult: Parts 2 & 3.”

Well that is all for now but that is no where near all that is going on. Stay tuned for more news updates coming soon!

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