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The Future is Now! “Lights, Camera…Kill!” Is now Online!

December 17, 2011

Let’s step back in the way-back machine for a moment and head back to the bygone era of 2003-2004 where cellphones just made phone calls, (and maybe played that snake chasing game,) we still connected to the internet through dial-up, George Lucas still had one more steaming pile of disappointment to drop upon us,  and Prescribed Films had just finished up a little film called, “Lights, Camera…Kill!” Back when we made this movie the world had just begun the great switch to digital video and editing and PF decided to take these new tools and make our most ambitious feature to date. Whenever we here at PFHQ take a look at this film it makes us think, not only, how much younger we were, but how far PF has come in the years since. This was our first film to be released on DVD and we felt like we were at the forefront of independent technology.

Which brings me to today where Prescribed Films has placed this time capsule of a movie ONLINE! For the first time we have, “Lights, Camera…Kill!” viewable online, for free, for your viewing pleasure. The mind of the me from 7 years would be blown at this prospect. So please check it out and, if you really like it, pick up a copy from our store to view all the special features on the two disc set. We’ve reached the future, and it is good….now where is my hover board?



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