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Night of Horrors 2011 – Epilogue

October 22, 2011

PATV’s Night of Horrors 2011 has come and gone and what a spectacular night it was; but with Prescribed Films in attendance it couldn’t help but be anything but spectacular. If you were one of the lucky 60,000 households in the greater Iowa City metro area Prescribed Films treated you to a night of thrills and chills (Not those kind).  In attendance for the awesome evening was “Insane Mike” Saunders, Jason Bolinger, Steven “Flyboy” Tracy, Justin Beahm, Carl Thordarson, and Chris “Turnip” Simmons.

The evening started off with a Halloween themed edition of the game show, “The Smartest Iowan.” It was a fierce competition between the competitors. Things were said, questions were asked, and answers were given but there could be only one (two). In the end our very own “Insane Mike” and Jason took the top prize for PF. What did they win? Well besides Flyboy’s enmity they get to, for at least a week, claim to be the smartest Iowan in everything horror. This was a taped show so it should air soon. Make sure to keep checking PATV for showtimes.

After that warm up we moved on to the main event, Prescribed Films annual (sort of) Night of Horrors! Two hours of pure PF goodness. We showed PF shorts like, “One Bullet,” and, “Date Rape,” as well as trailers for PF classics, “Through the Night,” and, “Legend Has It.” It wasn’t just us sitting around showing our back catalog. We kicked it live style with special guests and a live make up demo by “Insane Mike” were he applied burn make up to Carl. I think we can all agree that Carl was a trooper!

We also took some time for some important causes. Jason sat down and interviewed Justin Beahm about his work with Fangoria magazine but, more importantly, Justin told us about the sCare Foundation charity and all the great work they’re doing working with horror luminaries to help alleviate youth poverty in America. It’s is not often that the genre can be seen as doing something good in society so it makes the work Justin is doing with sCare Foundation all the more notable and all the more honorable.

After that the group came back together to close out the night in true PF fashion with a TRIVIA CONTEST! In the contest the PF crew had to name the movies that certain classic horror quotes came from. It can be argued back and forth who won that particular contest but I think we all know the answer to that one…the 60,000 strong PATV viewing audience at home. It was a great night and we can wait to see you again at the Night of Horrors 2012!


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