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A new script, a new year, same old Prescribed Films

October 5, 2011

Seven years. That’s 2,555 days, 61,320 hours, or 3,679,200 seconds. Any way you slice it it’s a big number and that has been how long it’s been since I’ve been able to make a movie with the ever wonderful Prescribed Films. Seven years may not feel like a lot in the long term but when you’re biggest dream is to be making movies with these crazy kids it can feel like forever. Luckily for me, forever has an end and this past August I got to move back to O’town and regain my status as an active member of the most powerful group this side of the Justice League. Now that I think about it, “Insane Mike’s” comedy chops are kind of the Aquaman of the group. He’s there, but wouldn’t you really rather have Superman? All that aside no sooner did I get back than the fates did smile upon me for I was back just in time to help choose the next Prescribed Films movie AND they were taking script submissions. Be still my beating heart.

I thought that I might like to submit one of my scripts. I may have been gone but that doesn’t mean I had been idle. PF had made one of my scripts before (Through the Night – available in the store) but that felt different. I had been an active member when that script had been chosen. So I did what everyone should do when they are faced with an existential quandary. I talked to Jason. I told him that I didn’t want to step on any toes, that I knew that I had been gone a long time, and that I thought maybe I should wait this one out. He looked at me, and in hushed tones, told me, “Goonies never give up.” I didn’t know what he meant, but I decided to submit a script anyway.

Three intrepid PF’ers submited scripts. There was mine, titled “Bros. Before…”, there was “The Dead Script” (later changed to something I’m forgetting at the moment) by sexy beast Steven “Flyboy” Tracy, and last, “Demonica” by “Insane Mike” Saunders. All were good scripts in their own ways. All of them had a lot of passion behind them. All of them had lesbian scenes. Not an easy choice. In the end, only one could be the new movie and those honors went to the very excellent, “Demonica,” by “Insane Mike.”  “Demonica,” is the terrifying tale of a damned necklace, young love, and roller derby set in the 1980’s. Needless to say that it is totally what you have come to expect from PF.

So what does all this mean for PF? Well to start with we are using this time of preproduction as a time of renewal for Prescribed Films. We have a lot of fun stuff on the way over the next few months that we’ll go into detail later on. We are looking at casting in the new year with an eye towards shooting early in the spring. Most of all, after everything else, we are looking to make great movies and share the love of making those movies with whoever wants to come along with us on the journey. So strap yourselves in, enjoy the new website, and get ready for many more of these production blogs as we get closer to filming. It’s going to be a wild ride, there is no place I’d rather be, and I would love it if you all came with us.

Chris “Turnip” Simmons



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